Rise & Shine

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Awesome Ways To Begin Your Day

Hey There Sunshine!

We believe that what you do within the 1st hour of rising can set the tone for the day. It doesn't matter what time of the day or night you get started, you can create a solid routine to help you rise and shine!

Reasons for A Solid Rising Routine

All the successful people are doing it - There are a bunch of studies out about how most successful people tend to share similar habits. Sticking to a daily routine is one of them. So being busy is no excuse. In fact, if you tend to be busy, a daily rising routine should definitely be the order of business.

Because "You Is Impotent" - Your rising routine should be consistent and all about you. It's the one time of day that's dedicated to you no matter what. The morning routine sets the tone for your day. So no matter how crappy yesterday was or how much you've got to do today, your rise and shine routine is where you gain your advantage for the day, moving forward. It helps keep you sane.

Basics on Building Your Routine

So, here’s some ideas to you get started on customizing you own rise and shine routine — pick a few habits that inspire you and start there.

Intentions- A good start to your day is reinforced by your intentions. This could possibly be something that you do the night before. Like writing a list of a couple of things you plan on accomplishing the next day.

Some people have a rise and shine routine that includes a time frame where they plan for the day. That works as well.

Delay Your Technology Fix – Give yourself at least 15 minutes before jumping into the world. Why not take that 15 minutes and treat yourself to a morning stretch, a quick meditation or go brush your teeth. Just don't go reaching for the phone as soon as you open your eyes. Remember, it's all about your right now. We'll all still be here when you're done.

Alarm ClocksAn alarm clock is an awesome tool to deter you from grabbing your phone and plugging into the world as soon as you open your eyes. Lots of people use there phone as an alarm clock. Which is fine but it can be tempting to go on ahead and check the news feeds, since you already have it in your hand.

Besides that, they are doing amazing things with alarm clock these days.

Light StretchingTaking about 10-15 minutes at the beginning of your day to stretch does wonders for the body. Stretching helps increase your range of motion and improves your circulation and posture. Tight muscles hold tension, both literally and figuratively. So while your're getting your stretch on take a few deep breaths and tap into your inner peace. It's a easy way to love on yourself.

MeditateEven if meditation is not your thing, take time to get quiet and center your thoughts and emotions. Get in tune with your star player so you can show up in your world feeling ready and capable.

Replenish yourselfGrab a glass of water, down a whole food vitamin supplement or break-fast with something nutritious. Whatever you do, make it healthy. Even if by the end of your day your dietary intake has gone to crap, at least you started right. that counts for something.

Get Up - Get Out - Get Something!

Bottom line is having a rise and shine routine helps you show up for your self and the people you care about more effectively.

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