Must Haves For DIY Hair Care

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Kinks, Curls or Curls

Whatever your hair texture or length, there are a few basic tools all of us have stocked for our natural styling and maintenance routines. These are Earthy Chicz top must have tools for DIY hair care.

Combs and Brushes – I keep several combs, because from time to time, I’ll break the teeth of combs while doing my hair.  The fine tooth combs I use to make clean, neat parts when I’m styling my hair. I have few more of those sturdy wide tooth combs for detangling.

I personally don’t own a brush. In my world what doesn’t get detangled by hand or wide tooth comb just doesn’t get detangled.  However, brushes are great hair tools. A lot of people use them for detangling and smoothing out the hair. Denman brushes are pretty popular and there are a few other companies coming out with brushes specifically designed for natural hair.

Hair Clips and Bobby PinsHair Clips are great for helping divide the hair into sections when you applying product, detangling or styling. It’s so much easier to manage your hair with clips and it saves time too.

I also use the bobby pins to section off my hair. I braid or twist the sections and then pin them up but bobby pins. They are also great for creating endless styles.

Spray Bottles and Application Bottles – Both of these are great for holding homemade hair formulas, leave in conditions, oils etc. I keep 2 spray bottles on deck. One is usually filled with water and the other is filled with my latest DIY formula. I spritz my hair with water and then the DIY spray. It gives  my hair more life, improving it’s pliability and moisture content.

Application bottles are perfect for allowing you to apply product directly to the scalp with less mess. Hot oils treatments are so much easier this way. You can also fill them with your homemade hair formulas as well. My applicators are mostly filled with carrier oil and essential oil combinations and I use them for my hair and skin for because they work wonders for both.

Plastic Caps and Night Wear – Plastic caps helps hold moisture in while you deep condition, improving your results. Just leave it on a good 15-30 min and your body heat will do the rest.

Satin wraps, bonnets, pillow cases etc are probably best for hair protection during the night. The satin cuts down on dryness and can keep down the frizz and puffiness. I personally don’t use mine. I really just don’t like anything on my head when I sleep. That goes for hair roller and hair pins too. My daughter uses a satin pillow. She likes it, so it’s something I’m considering.

The bottom line is our styling and maintenance routines are created with our specific hair needs and goals in mind. However we use a lot of the same tools to achieve our individual hair ambitions.

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