Moringa & Tumeric

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Here is a mini profile for both Moringa and Turmeric.  Just a few interesting facts and benefits of both super foods.

*Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, so it’s great for inflammation related conditions and heart health.

*This “miracle plant” is loaded with all kinds of nutrients like calcium, magnesium, Iron and zinc which also make it good for healthy skin and hair.

*Effective in lowering blood sugar and cholesterol by reducing lipid and glucose levels and reducing oxidative stress.

*Moringa supports brain health. The high content of vitamin C and E fight oxidation that can lead to neuron degeneration.

*Great for digestive maintenance and managing digestive disorders. Moringa has been shown to reduce the severity of ulcers and inflammation in general.

*Moringa gives a natural energy boost with out crashing. It’s not a stimulant, so you don’t get the same kind of jolt as you would from a cup of coffee. The energy is a lot more subtle but substantial.


*Turmeric is a root plant that looks alot like ginger. They are from the same plant family but they have very different flavors.

*As a culinary spice it is an important ingredient in curry powder.

*Curcumin is a chemical substance found Turmeric and is used in the treatment of pain and inflammation.

*Heat increases the absorption of  turmeric by 12 times. So you can add black pepper to turmeric to improve absorption. The piperine in the black pepper is what does the trick.

*Turmeric is also fat-soluble, which means you can also maximize absorption when taken with fat, like coconut or almond milk.

*Topically, turmeric can be used for skin problems like ringworm, skin inflammation and bruising.

As far as I am concerned both Moringa & Turmeric will always have a place in my kitchen. They are mainstay’s for my herbal cabinet.  I love what Moringa does for my skin, so I always have it in some kind of liquid or capsule form.  I use Turmeric in some of my DIY  body care products and I cook with it, so both of these herbs stay in heavy rotation at my house.

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