I’d “Lather” Use Natural Soap

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Benefits Natural Soap

You can potentially avoid or  at least reduce many common skin problems by using natural soaps. While natural soap generally cost more than detergent based bars, it more than makes up for it with all the skin benefits, essentially making it cost effective in the long run.

Besides containing simpler ingredients and fewer chemicals than detergent based bars, natural soap has the proper balance of cleansing and moisturizing properties. Natural soaps don't strip you of your body of it's natural oils. In fact your natural oils combine with the moisturizing oils in handmade soap helping seal in moisture and soothe skin, leaving you feeling cleansed and refreshed. After a few uses you should notice a natural shine to your skin. This is just one of the many benefits of natural soap.

Reasons To Drop The Soap...Synthetic Soap That Is

A lot of the soaps that you find in stores these days are more or less glorified forms of detergent, containing synthetic lathering agents and chemicals that can leave the skin dry and itchy. These synthetic bars of soap not only dehydrate the skin but sometimes they can cause allergic reactions if your skin is sensitive. Some of these bars of “soap” can’t legally even call themselves soap. So they work around it with names like beauty bars, moisturizing or body bars. On you next stroll down the soap aisle take a closer look at the labels and ingredients.

What happens, is a lot of soap manufacturers remove the majority of the glycerin in the soap making process. Not cool because glycerin is the good stuff in the soap that helps moisturize your skin.  Once the glycerin is removed it is then sold  to cosmetic companies and such to put in lotions and make-up products.

So now to compensate for taking the glycerin out of the soap, synthetic lathering agents and chemicals are added to the bar. The issue with this, is that our skin is porous and absorbent. So when bathing with synthetic soaps, the skin absorbs this chemical cocktail into the body and can cause the skin to become dry and irritated.

The bottom line is while natural soap generally cost more that those detergent bars, It more than makes up for it with all the skin benefits, essentially making it cost effective.

Natural soap is a great start to your skin care routine. Level up your bathing routine with naturally based body products.

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