Fall Greetings From Earthy Chicz

Depending on where you are on the planet, Autumn is a whole vibe.

The Colors , The Scents, The Weather , The Holidays


Most people I come across either love this time of year or they can really do without it .
A lot of folks look forward to Fall Fashion, like the boots, scarves and hoodies . Plenty of people also love the holidays and gatherings during this season. This time of year brings a lot of people together. For me it's Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is my jam. It's just you and your peoples eating good food and enjoying each others company.

For those that can do without the fall season, lots of times it has to do with the fall weather agitating allergies and skin conditions or just the weather in general. Sometimes the reason this time of year is not as enjoyable for some, is more of a mental or emotional thing. This time of year can bring on memories or associations that can trigger sensitive thoughts and emotions. In those cases support and strategy will be key in navigating those moments.

Whether the fall is your thing or not. We hope this season finds you in good heath and harvest!
Love From Earthy Chicz


Things Earthy Chicz are into this Fall Season

Food - Fall fruits and veggies and healthy recipes to add to the thanksgiving menu as well as tasty soups, fall inspired teas and more.
Service - This season holds a lot of gratitude and thanksgiving vibes naturally. We support that vibe by sharing thoughtful ways to be of service not only to ourselves but to our families and communities as well.
Grounding - Global Tension + Holiday Season (Daily Life x Your Emotions) = What you make it.
Exploring ways to feel grounded, balanced and aligned. As well as a look at the root chakra and what that's all about.
Focused Meditation - Learning and sharing different meditations practices and affirmations directed at release and endings. Fall is a transitional season and is a perfect vibe for releasing and letting go of things that are no longer serving purpose or holding value.

Earthy Chicz is all about bringing the Fall Feels, all season long. So stop by our website www.earthychicz.com or head over to one of our social media platforms (facebook & instagram) @earthychicz for more Fall inspired health and wellness vibes

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