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We believe that one of the greatest advantages you can give yourself is a good feeling body.
The natural approach to wellness is something that we are passionate about and have dedicated ourselves to learning, living and sharing.
We understand that everyone’s health and wellness experience is uniquely their own and the paths chosen for self-care are just as personal and multi-dimensional as we all are.



A successful business woman who left the hustle and bustle of corporate America to enjoy the simpler things. These days I spends my time educating Atlantians and Texans on herbal wellness, nutrition and holistic alternatives. One of my greatest passions is helping people empower themselves through better health and wellness practices. Equipped with a wealth of experience, I’ve been working for the past 8 years dedicated to enriching the lives of clients via information, DIY’s and remedies.  I’m also an avid gardner, tea drinker, foodie, culture nut, history buff and dog mom.



Formerly a 911 operator, my service is now dedicated to health and wellness. Herbs have always been my 1st love, although all things holistic healing and natural wellness are my everything. 12 years as a reiki practitioner specializing reiki for animals and crystal healing. A wanna be astrologer, kung fu movie junkie, jokester and all around piece of work who absolutely adores her husband and kids.

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